Rewires, Wiring & Fuseboxes

Electricity is often taken for granted, it is easy to forget that the wiring that carries power for your home will need replacing at some point.

The easiest way to check the condition of your household wiring is to request a domestic periodic inspection report, this will point out any potential problems and it’s recommended that every house should be inspected at least once every 10 years.

Rewiring is an essential safety precaution as outdated wiring can cause fires and electrical shocks. Some indications that you may need a rewiring include:

  • Switches in your bathroom
  • Sockets on skirting boards
  • Green residue on wiring
  • Cotton-covered wiring
  • Black rubber cables
  • Round pin sockets
  • Smoke, heat and carbon detectors

We can also offer services such as fuse box upgrading and wiring of new builds, extensions, alterations & conversions. All of the electrical wiring that we do is tested and certified by qualified electricians in accordance with British Safety Standards and meet latest regulations.

Sockets & Switches

Many older properties, and some newer homes, are short of plug sockets or have sockets and switches positioned poorly for the modern use of rooms. This means either trailing extension leads with their inherent safety risks or deciding to add or move sockets and switches.

Our competent electricians are able to talk you through the options you have for your rooms and will take the current and future use of the room into account.


Lights can be used in many different ways in and around your home; you can enhance your surroundings with carefully chosen interior lighting, deter intruders with security lighting or spend more time enjoying your garden with outdoor lighting.

Our experience with all types of domestic lighting will help you get the most from your home. We offer a full planning, installation and testing service which is carefully carried out in accordance with British Standards.


Maintaining electrical equipment and household wiring may not spring to our minds as often as maintaining gas installations but it is something that all homeowners should consider.

Do you know the last time that your home was inspected for electrical safety? It is recommended that all homes should be inspected at least every 10 years. A relatively low cost inspection can find areas of immediate concern and those that may need attention before the next periodic inspection is due.

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